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Nouns LP – Out Now

The debut Nouns album is out now and in our Shop! Read the review, have a listen, and  download the bastard… it’s available on a Pay What You Want basis too! So you’ve no excuse really, have you? “Chorlton, Manchester, circa 2011. Three friends, one idea, ….and a cup-and-ball toy?” It was from these inauspicious beginnings […]

Society of The Spectacle

Weirdos Are Heroes proudly presents, The Society of The Spectacle. A slow and sexy short from Larry Ketang. In a dystopian time when image is King, Beauty is the only food worth eating. Directed, Shot & Edited by Larry Ketang Starring Kelly Blue & King Dargo Set Design by Larry Ketang & Nicola Ellis Lighting by […]

Cross-eyed & Painless Art Prints

A modern twist on Film Noir. Heroes, Villains and Femme Fatales from the early days of noir-cinema are re-morphed for a modern, twisted world. ‘Cross-eyed and Painless’ hangs heavy with the shadow and light from 1940′s expressionist cinematography. Icons from the big screen cut, spliced, and injected with insensitive colour. The familiar becomes foreign. Beautifully grotesque. […]

Glitch Art Prints

Sleek, stylised monochromes of the 1950′s juxtaposed with the intense technicolor of our present day. Hollywood starlets possessed by a future yet to come? Black & white selves spewing out colour. Overloaded with endless data, re-imaged, repackaged, re-used. Death is not an end or an escape. Check out the full collection here.

Solid Goldberg
"What would Whoopi do?"
She'd whip it out and use it as a microphone!
Miming along to all that new jazz .
That's Solid Goldberg
Got a boner on the bus? Awkward! Well fear no more! We've got just the advice that will help you tackle any situation. Just ask yourself:
Goldberg Facts: Not only did she write the screenplay to Jaws... but she also played the Shark. Fact!